The femtis period panty guide: Which period panty suits you?

Are you interested in period underwear but don't know which model is right for you? We got you! In our femtis Period Panty Guide, we show you a selection of our models and which days they are suitable for.

Amount and Intensity of Menstrual Flow: What is normal?

Typically, fluid loss during a period ranges from 5 ml to 80 ml. The intensity of menstrual flow can be influenced by various factors such as stress, exercise, or diet. Contraceptive methods can also have an impact on the intensity of menstrual bleeding. Many users of the copper IUD, for example, report that their period has become heavier with this hormone-free contraceptive method.

If you regularly lose more than 80 ml of menstrual fluid, if your menstruation lasts longer than eight days, or if your menstrual flow is so heavy that you need to change a full menstrual cup, tampon, or pad every two hours, this is considered a very heavy menstrual flow and should be evaluated by medical professionals.

During the heaviest days of your menstrual cycle, you may have clots or clumps in your menstrual fluid – this is not uncommon. The color of your menstrual blood may also change throughout your period. You can read more about this in our article 'What the Color of Your Menstrual Blood Means'.

Heavy Menstruation

A heavy period is defined as losing more than 60 ml of menstrual fluid per menstruation. The first days of menstruation are usually the heaviest, and the blood is light to medium red. These femtis models are suitable for heavy periods:


Are you Team Heavy Bleeder? JULE hugs your belly with its high waistband, and the 5in1 membrane protects you on heavy days as it can hold up to three tampons. JULE is also a great companion during the postpartum period.


LENE is one of our bestsellers, and it's clear why: classic black color, soft cotton, and wide side panels make it the favorite panty. It can hold up to two and a half tampons, making it perfect for heavy days.


Period panty INSA accompanies you in all activities. Whether it's a long day at the office, cycling trips in nature, or a power workout - it adapts to your movements and can hold up to two and a half tampons.

Moderate Menstruation

During a moderate period, you lose approximately 40 to 50 ml of blood. To better understand your period, it's worth tracking it. Taking notes on the intensity of your period helps you understand your cycle better, and you can better assess what is normal for you and your body and when something is amiss. For moderate period days, we recommend the following femtis period panties:


KARI has a low waistband and delicate lace edging that gently hugs your skin. Our panty's 4in1 membrane also absorbs discharge, making it a great companion for everyday wear, allowing you to confidently forgo panty liners.


Are you a fan of lace? ALWA features an elegant lace waistband that gives it a playful look. With a capacity to hold two tampons, it will get you through moderate period days while still looking stylish.

Light Period

During a light period, the bleeding lasts only about one to two days, and on average, only up to 25ml of blood is expelled. In very light periods, the menstrual flow often resembles spotting.

Even during a heavy period, the bleeding becomes lighter towards the end. The blood tends to darken as it flows slower and oxidizes when exposed to air. For light days or a light period, we recommend our femtis period string:


For those who feel most comfortable in strings, we have developed our period thong, SVEA. It is suitable for light period days and can also be comfortably worn during everyday activities. The protective membrane also absorbs discharge and sweat, allowing you to go about your day without worry.

Period Underwear for Teens


Our colorful models, JUNO and ROMY, are real eye-catchers and particularly popular among teens. They add some color to your everyday life and provide protection at school, during sports, or on the go. Period panties offer security, especially for teenagers and young girls, as menstruation is often irregular in the beginning, and many may not feel comfortable using tampons or menstrual cups at the start of their period. With our comfortable menstrual underwear, young women can have a relaxed approach to their menarche.

So, as you can see, there is a wide selection of period underwear available, and there is something for everyone. Menstrual underwear is uncomplicated, comfortable, and sustainable. Many customers tell us that thanks to period panties, they can have a more relaxed approach to their menstruation, sleep through the night even during heavy bleeding, and simply have a better sense of well-being. Such feedback brings us the most joy and is the reason why we started femtis. We hope that our femtis Period Panty Guide has helped you find the model that suits you best.