Washing period underwear: the right way!

How do you actually wash period underwear? Isnt that totally complicated? Not at all! In this article, well show you how to wash your femtis period panties in a few simple steps and take care of them so that they last as long as possible.

Step 1: Hand wash

Rinse your femtis period panties by hand with cold water after wearing them. Its important that the water is cold, as the protein in the blood coagulates in warm water, creating stains that are difficult to remove.

Step 2: Machine wash

After washing by hand (with or without intermediate drying), you can machine wash your period panties with the rest of your laundry at up to 60 degrees using full detergent. Some of our panties have special features and requirements. Please always follow the individual washing instructions. You can find these on the respective product page under the absorbent layer graphic in the washing section. Ideally, you should use a washing net to protect the panty. For additional disinfection, you can add half a cup of white table vinegar (5% acid) to the machine wash. Vinegar is biodegradable and has antibacterial properties, even at low temperatures.

Important: To make your femtis period panties last as long as possible, you should not use fabric softener, as this could damage the membrane of the panties. Fabric softeners give us a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, but they often contain cationic surfactants. Their fragrances and dyes cannot be filtered out of wastewater and thus pollute the environment. The Federal Environment Agency recommends using fabric softeners as sparingly as possible (or not at all).

Your femtis period panties will still be clean without using a laundry sanitizer. Hand washing and the subsequent machine wash remove all bacteria, so you dont have to worry about hygiene.

Step 3: Air drying

After machine washing, dry your period underwear in the fresh air. Do not put the period panties in the dryer, as it could damage the absorbent membrane of the panties, and do not dry them directly on the heater. Our period panties also dont like the iron - but who irons underwear? ;-)

Step 4: Ready for the next use

As soon as your femtis period panties are dry, they are ready for the next use. Just put them on and feel comfortable.

So you see, how easy and uncomplicated it is to wash period underwear. Happy period!

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