Diet during the period

Did you know that your digestion functions differently during your period and that you may have trouble tolerating certain foods? We'll tell you how you can optimize your diet during your period.

Observe Your Body

Have you already noticed that your diet works differently during your period and wondered why? The period actually affects your gastrointestinal tract and influences it. Your stress hormone cortisol levels rise just before your period, while the happiness hormone serotonin levels decrease. Have you noticed that you wear different clothing sizes during your period compared to the rest of your cycle? This may be due to increased water retention.

Balance with Nutrition and Period

A handful of nuts per day can help increase your serotonin levels. They contain a large amount of tryptophan, the most important building block for serotonin. Avoid white flour products as they can cause increased cortisol release due to their high sugar content. If you experience strong water retention, we recommend consuming less salt and trying nettle tea. This can also help reduce water retention. If you experience severe cramps, you can also try supplementing with magnesium.

Coffee During Your Period?

Did you know that you shouldn't drink coffee during your menstruation? The caffeine it contains actually constricts blood vessels and can intensify your cramps. Alternatively, herbal tea for relaxation is a better choice.

What's Right for You?

Whether you continue to consume certain foods or omit them is up to you. Consider how severe your symptoms are and whether it's worth, for example, giving up your morning coffee. Most importantly, listen to your body and your menstrual cycle and pay attention to it. Some days you need more rest than others, and the right balance comes from being in tune with your body.

Period Underwear is Here for You

By wearing period panties, you can listen to your body's needs. You can avoid disposable products like regular pads or tampons and make your already challenging everyday life a bit more comfortable.