October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Every year, October is the month for breast cancer awareness. At femtis, we have made it our goal to educate and create transparency around the topic of female health. This includes not only topics like menstruation and FemCare but also topics like breast cancer that can affect anyone but are rarely discussed. In this article, we have summarized the most important facts and share how we want to actively contribute this year. Let's create awareness together because all breasts are beautiful, as long as they are healthy.

Numbers, Data, and Facts about Breast Cancer - Did you know?

Every year, 158 out of 100,000 women and 1.9 out of 100,000 men in Germany are diagnosed with breast cancer. With a total of approximately 67,570 new cases, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Germany. Additionally, more than 6,000 women are diagnosed with in situ tumors annually. An in situ tumor refers to a tumor that has only spread within its original tissue and has not grown invasively into the surrounding tissue. The average age of onset is 64 years for women and 71 years for men. Based on current incidence rates, about one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Almost three out of ten affected women are younger than 55 years old at the time of diagnosis.

What can you do for prevention?

In Germany, the statutory cancer prevention program offers the opportunity to undergo regular breast cancer examinations. This allows every woman from the age of 30 to have her breasts and lymph nodes in the surrounding area up to the armpits palpated by a gynecologist once a year. Women between the ages of 50 and 69 can undergo a mammography every two years. This X-ray examination can detect very small and non-palpable tumors.
In addition, your gynecologist can show you how to properly examine your breasts on your own. Many gynecologists start examining you at a younger age if there are cases of breast cancer in your family.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown. However, there are various factors that can increase your risk:
  • Female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can be used in hormone replacement therapy during or after menopause
  • Diet and obesity - a high-fat diet and lack of exercise
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, type II diabetes, and smoking
  • In about 5-10% of cases, there is a hereditary predisposition for breast cancer

Frau oberkörperfrei nach Brust OP mit großen Narben an beiden Brüsten

How can I reduce my risk?

It cannot be said exactly where breast cancer comes from. However, a balanced lifestyle can reduce your risk. Pay attention to regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight, reducing alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking - active or passive. We recommend that you undergo regular preventive check-ups. It is also helpful to know how to perform self-examinations. Remember that it can affect all of us. Prevention is really key here.

How we at femtis want to create awareness

For this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to actively contribute to raising awareness for breast cancer and support Breastkrebs Deutschland e.V. with our own fundraising campaign. Our donation will be composed as follows: For every panty sold between October 10-16, 1€ will be donated. Additionally, you can donate an amount of your choice at the checkout if you wish.