Female leadership - in harmony with your cycle

On certain days of your cycle, it may be challenging to balance work and daily life. You often wonder how to combine both effectively. As a leader, you are constantly under pressure and unsure how to deal with high expectations. Gender stereotypes still exist in the professional world, such as the belief that women are not good leaders due to mood swings during their periods. We hope we don't have to explain that this is nonsense.
What is it like to assert yourself in the predominantly male-dominated leadership hierarchy and earn enough respect? Male roles are strongly influenced by various archetypes according to psychologist Jung, but what about female roles? Historically, there are few role models for female leaders to rely on. It is clear that employees are more willing to be led when they expect recognition and security in return. Ultimately, it always involves interpersonal relationships between leaders and employees. But how exactly do you establish and utilize these relationships, especially considering your menstrual cycle?

The Different Phases of Your Cycle & How to Utilize Them


The time of your period is crucial for taking a step back and allowing yourself some rest. Give yourself a break with relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, bathing, turning off your phone, canceling appointments, connecting with nature, journaling—or simply doing nothing. Use this phase to plan your next month, manifest visions and goals. During this time, it helps to prioritize which tasks need immediate attention and which can wait. Try not to be too perfectionistic and demand less from yourself. It's okay to slow down a bit.

Follicular Phase

After your period, the follicular phase follows. During this phase, the uterine lining rebuilds after menstruation, and at least one egg matures. Your hormone levels also increase during this phase. You feel a surge of new energy and enthusiasm. You are ready to fully engage and take action! Now is the time to embark on new projects and invest all your energy into new challenges. You feel strong!

Ovulation Phase

You are at the peak of your fertility, ovulation! The energy is electrifying, and you radiate with newfound joy for life. Now you can achieve anything you desire and excel at it. Especially during this time, you can support others and strengthen interpersonal relationships within your team.

Luteal Phase

Do you have a desire for cozy homeliness? You are preparing for withdrawal. Now is the time to complete, sort, and organize things. Slow down and prepare for a fresh start. Your creativity is particularly high during this phase, and you should take advantage of it. It also provides a good outlet to let your emotions flow freely. Explore and discover new things. Are you interested in artistic activities such as dancing, cooking, writing, or craftsmanship? Now is the right time!

What is the Best Behavior for You?

We have looked at the different phases of the menstrual cycle and how you can integrate them into your professional life. Now you may be wondering how to assert yourself in a leadership position in the workplace and break through stigmas. First, you need to clarify what you want and what defines you. Do you prefer flatter hierarchies, or do you consciously maintain some distance? For many employees, it is important to be able to share their concerns and problems and always feel they can communicate with their leaders. It is also important to know your strengths and what characterizes you. Stay true to yourself and be authentic. Try to experiment a little and find your leadership style. Through previous work experience, you will learn about different leadership roles and what could work for you. Experiment and find your path.

An Experience Report from femtis CEO Marie Freesemann

Our femtis CEO, Marie Freesemann, is familiar with the stressful work routine as a leader and how the menstrual cycle can sometimes interfere. We asked her three questions about menstruation and the daily work life as a leader.

What are your experiences regarding the menstrual cycle and work?

"Over time, I have learned to listen to my body. Understanding the different phases of my cycle and embracing them has been an important realization for me. It's not always easy because the first step is accepting that our cycles influence us as women, and the second step is appreciating that fact because we can leverage different strengths for ourselves and others in each phase. Honest conversations with friends have helped me a lot in this regard."

How does your cycle affect your workday?

"During the menstrual phase, I have noticed that pain can sometimes make me more irritable or simply exhausted. That's okay as long as I don't stress about it unnecessarily. Sometimes I just take things more slowly during this phase. In the phases after my period, the follicular and ovulation phases, I usually feel full of new energy and creativity. It's a great time for me to tackle new topics."

What are your tips for a stressful work routine?

"My key to success is to listen to my own body and do what feels best in that moment. Despite a hectic work routine, I have learned to take enough time for myself and not put too much pressure on myself—especially on days when I feel more tired. It's important to find a good balance, take care of yourself, and appreciate and utilize the different phases of the cycle."



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